In sequence of the previous post, I think I have found the spring album, to get you in the spring mood whenever the sun is absent.

Mika has been inspired by Queen I guess, and a voice close to that of Robbie Williams. The songs are easy to follow, so not a great inpiration on the lyrics, but who cares in the spring – you don’t wanna think about how complicated love, life or whatever is. The biggest con is the high voice he throws in sometime. But well, that is nothing new nowadays I guess. Enjoy the upcoming spring!

Tune into online Television & Radio!

Once again I have proven to be more lazy than ever. For years I have this little plan on creating this website with TV/Radio, reviews etc. etc. It all made sense and it would be an investment of time, as I could do all the programming myself. And, I did not wanted to be one of those persons waiting with some great idea, until someone else finally epxloited this idea and become rich with it. No, I would do it myself and start early so I would be the first one the market. Yeah.. Well this was back in the year 2000 or something. And even now… I did not launched the idea I wanted, but just something small. Have a look @ tuneNow and let me know or there is room for improvements…

Free music

Well, not completely free of course, but as Creative Commons states it: “flexible copyright licenses for creative works.” Meaning a lot of work from people like you and me (and more talented) that want to share their work with others. If the material you downloaded is just for personal use then it is mostly free (but please donate if you respect the artist). Are you going to use the material commercially, then expect to pay a small fee. A great initiative that is already embraced by quite some artists (I strongly encourage you to have a look for yourself on the website of Creative Commons).

Jamendo is another site that provides only music albums from mainly artists from France and Belgium. They do this by using the licenses of Creative commons. Every album you will find here can be downloaded via the edonkey p2p-network (also licensed via the CC license) or via a bittorrent link (both legal as long you will respect the CC license). All albums can be listened to by streaming audio and I may say: it has very good quality and is fun to do so. With help of the tags it becomes even easier and more fun to find the music albums of your preference(s).

To name a few artists I came up with after browsing for an hour:
An easy to listen to album in the genre vocal/folk is Guillo (France). If you are more into Electronic then you could give Bep (France) a try. Still on the electronic move but mixed with some classical influences and sometimes a bit experimental is Collectif Terra Incognita (France). And for the one that liked the soundtrack of Amelie Poulain (Yann Tiersen), then you should try the classical (piano) album of Ehma (Belgium). If you are looking for instrumental and poetic music, you should give Le Collectif Unifie de la Crecelle (France) a try. And if you are really into experimental jazzy music (lots of saxophone), you have to try TheLinks (Switzerland).

And last but not least, my personal favorite is MAIS 69 (France). A mix of funk, modern jazz, ska and some blues.

To conclude; quite refreshing and away from all the mainstream music from nowadays!

Mr Blunt & dEUS

Two albums that have lately attracted my attention. Back to Bedlam from James Blunt and Pocket Revolution from dEUS.

James is a new song-writer who was a soldier in his ‘previous’ life. With this debut he follows many English song-alike male singer songwriters as Damien Rice and Daniel Powter, but still he creates a unique sound. A good album, but hopefully it won’t stop here with this debut and will he continue to explore to what else he is capable of.

After a kind of sabbatical of four years (in where they did their tour of their previous album “The Ideal Crash”) and six years since they brought out “The ideal crash”, the Belgian band dEUS comes with their fourth album. Nothing really new, but luckily it still sounds like dEUS. On the net you can read many reviews already (three days after the release), even though almost everyone is praising this new album, I still prefer their previous (The Ideal Crash) one. Hopefully the next album will not take another six years and will bring us something new and fresh.

Jason Mraz

Actually I have been running behind the facts about the music and the TV scene for years now. Well, to be honest I do not care about the TV scene very much, but how could I ever missed the hype around The O.C? In different reviews I read it is the most appealing ‘soap’ since years. It is called the “Surf, sand, sex and scandal… soap” (Amazon)! And I missed it… Damn! But then again, I saw two episodes of 90210 and missed out completely on Melrose Place and others equivalents.

But fact is that Jason Mraz scored a hit back in 2002, named “The remedy (I Won’t Worry)” for The O.C. . A fantastic way to get noticed as a young singer (1977) from Virginia. And so Jason did. Strong lyrics and different styles of music, varying from acoustic, blues, soul, and folk. If you like John Mayer or Maroon 5 you might give it a shot and try his new album, called Mr. A-Z.

Zuco 103

As now being among the thousands of other people with a weblog, I feel I should follow the tradition and start sharing more! So the idea is to start sharing one of my favorite hobbies – listening to music.

The Dutch formation Zuco 103 with the lead singer Lilian Vieira, has done it again. In May of this year they published their 3rd album, called “Whaa”. It is labeled as world music, and I must say, the various styles they are using in their songs, do indeed come from all over the world. Their numbers are very lively and full of rhythm, and the various styles they are using could roughly be divided into latin, electronica, jazz and drum ‘n base. I have no idea what Lilian is singing about, but whatever it is, it is very pleasant to listen to.