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Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Kiruna, Lapland Sweden.

Kiruna, Lapland Sweden.

Do you recognize those loooong days (while it rains cats and dogs outside), sitting in front of the computer and thinking a lot about the future, but also about the past. Basically the good things. Well, when sitting in front of the computer anyway, why not let the technology help me a little?! So last week I have been Googling on Google Earth (Brilliant!) for about two or three hours. Just trying to find the spots on this globe where I had been. And then, when I finally found them, just stare at it and….. feeling damn nostalgic.

Now you all probably think I am this kind of nostalgic, living in the old days, over sentimental guy?! Am I right?! Well, true, I am getting older, the past was pretty good to me, and final but not least…. I can get sentimental (But I NEVER cry ;).

Anyway, the images above were shot in Kiruna, right above the Arctic circle in Sweden (go figure how cold it must have been). The trip started of as a joke: “Hey guys, what about riding a dog sledge and some motor scooters?!“, but turned out to be a great, great trip. A trip where one can be nostalgic about, without any shame!

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

“This summer was great – I went to Thailand and did scuba diving and some relaxing on the beach. And next weekend I will go to New York to do some ‘winter’ shopping – I heard they have sale now there.”

Going abroad to the most remote corners of the world, but not been to the village next to your own village. This is the image that spreads nowadays. The first time when I was in the city New York and telling some friends from New York I just had visit the Statue of Liberty, they asked me how it was like. I could not believe they had never been there, while they had lived their whole life in the city. But it is true, having lived in Rotterdam, one of the main ports of the World, for eight years now, and yet I have not seen the chance to visit the harbor.

So, two years ago I decided to do some catching up with visiting countries closer to home and so visit more of Europes’ beauty. First to the Eastern part of Europe, last year Russia and this year Barcelona and the North-Eastern coast of Spain, better known as Costa Brava. You can have a look at some of the pictures @ The Dutch Grapes Gallery.

Figueres – home of the surreal Teatre-Musea Dali

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