Studio work…

Model: Yeesia

Of course, after one year of owning and trying the digital camera, it became time to rent a little studio and invite some of my friends. Some even more enthusiastic than I even was – we all started to work in our own field of profession. Indah and me reading about lighting, and poses. And Yeesia about make-up and styling. It were two great days, with a steep learning curve, as unfortunately a lot went wrong. But hey, that’s life! :)

For a little impression of this day, have a look @ the Dutchgrapes scrapbook.

Living Statues

Living Statues - 28/6/2006
Living statues @ The Nieuwe Binnenweg (July 1st)

Certainly I do realize it has been quite a while since I last posted something here – and honestly, I have no excuse for it. That is the beauty of a personal blog, there are no excuses to make to anyone :) So I simply won’t. Just posted some shots from a visit to the living statues day @ The Nieuwe Binnenweg, that I visited together with Indah. There would have been a lot more pictures, if we did not ended up before the end of the show at some relaxing terrace in the sun with a beer in front of us. I am not complaining though (Thx for the beer Indah :)

Click here to see all the pictures…

Nostalgic? Who me?!

Kiruna, Lapland Sweden.

Kiruna, Lapland Sweden.

Do you recognize those loooong days (while it rains cats and dogs outside), sitting in front of the computer and thinking a lot about the future, but also about the past. Basically the good things. Well, when sitting in front of the computer anyway, why not let the technology help me a little?! So last week I have been Googling on Google Earth (Brilliant!) for about two or three hours. Just trying to find the spots on this globe where I had been. And then, when I finally found them, just stare at it and….. feeling damn nostalgic.

Now you all probably think I am this kind of nostalgic, living in the old days, over sentimental guy?! Am I right?! Well, true, I am getting older, the past was pretty good to me, and final but not least…. I can get sentimental (But I NEVER cry ;).

Anyway, the images above were shot in Kiruna, right above the Arctic circle in Sweden (go figure how cold it must have been). The trip started of as a joke: “Hey guys, what about riding a dog sledge and some motor scooters?!“, but turned out to be a great, great trip. A trip where one can be nostalgic about, without any shame!


“This summer was great – I went to Thailand and did scuba diving and some relaxing on the beach. And next weekend I will go to New York to do some ‘winter’ shopping – I heard they have sale now there.”

Going abroad to the most remote corners of the world, but not been to the village next to your own village. This is the image that spreads nowadays. The first time when I was in the city New York and telling some friends from New York I just had visit the Statue of Liberty, they asked me how it was like. I could not believe they had never been there, while they had lived their whole life in the city. But it is true, having lived in Rotterdam, one of the main ports of the World, for eight years now, and yet I have not seen the chance to visit the harbor.

So, two years ago I decided to do some catching up with visiting countries closer to home and so visit more of Europes’ beauty. First to the Eastern part of Europe, last year Russia and this year Barcelona and the North-Eastern coast of Spain, better known as Costa Brava. You can have a look at some of the pictures @ The Dutch Grapes Gallery.

Figueres – home of the surreal Teatre-Musea Dali

“Haiku” what?

Keeping my blog for nearly two months now, and after having taken quite many pictures and writing some stories, I accidentally found out about a new way of photography. You basically fix of what you see in a few lines and a few words. It is called Haiku and can be seen as photography in words.

    The Discovery
    While being a little wasted and stumbling at night on the streets, a fellow wasted person and me almost stood still for nearly two minutes at some brick in the street, encrypted with some none-sense making sentences. Of course we remained in denial of our stupid ness and decided this was the effect of the alcohol. We continued our crawl towards the car and it only took us a few seconds to completely forget about the whole brick.

    The Benefactors
    Some days after, when this very same person and me met each other again, she showed me a text message on her phone, that seemed to be a copy of the brick. At this point (completely sober) the sentences still didn’t make sense to us at all. And still being in denial, we decided we should rewrite the sentences at this brick and do all the drunk people, walking down the same street and reading the same brick, a favor.

    The Revelation
    Finally home and ready to write some of the best and smooth sentences ever. But before I even started writing, a little research about the other text learned us that we had to do here with some sort of Japanese poetry. So, no smooth version of our brick stories….

A Haiku poem consist of respectively 5, 7 and 5 syllables in three lines. The lines have to be independent of each other, but enrich the understanding of the other. Also every Haiku has to have a seasonal theme. For example, cherry blossoms indicate spring, snow indicate winter, and mosquitoes indicate summer, but the season word isn’t always that obvious (source: Haiku for People and the Haiku Notebook).

The sun is shining?!

Last week I had the honor of taking pictures of the upcoming model Cailu. We had talked about it before, but one of the conditions was that the sun had to shine. Since this is something quite rare in Holland and totally unpredictable, the photo session would have to be quite spontaneous.

But last Thursday this day had come! Full blue sky and a nice cool breeze to keep us Dutch people from complaining about the high temperatures. You can see a selection of the shoot @ The Dutch Grapes Gallery.



Coffee, “a great way to start the day with”, “it keeps you awake” or “it is a great conversation starter” are all reasons why to drink coffee. But this is not the only reason why people drink coffee. In the movie Coffee and Cigarettes Steven Wright likes to drink coffee before to go to bed, so he can dream at amazing speeds. Or take this comparison of why to prefer coffee above women. And if you are still not convinced, coffee is even good for your health! But most likely whenever people ask you to drink coffee with them, you should consider the first three options – either they think you look sleepy or they want to do business with you. The last option of course explains why Starbucks is such a success in the US, and why providing wireless internet in all the Starbucks stores was such a logical step to take.

Uhm.. Where was I going again with this story? Ah yes!

I forgot to take a coffee this morning! I found myself in the city, standing somewhere on a small wall together with Indah, taking pictures of the annual FFWD Dance Parade. And even though it had been a long night and an early morning, I remained glued on that very wall for nearly two hours without a drop of coffee! It felt bad not starting the day in the right way, and not socializing with the person I was with. Guess that all I want to say is – Indah, Next time we have to start with coffee!

“Flickring” for an image!

I have no idea how Flickr became a standard that fast, but since Yahoo! bought the company, it has been going very well with Flickr. Already one of the largest photo databases on the internet with literally millions of images.

So, don’t be surprised if the verb ‘flickring’ becomes the standard when searching for images, as googling became the standard for finding webpages. Of course you can search on the site itself, but the Flickr Postcard Browser is much more fun to use.