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Sunday, September 11th, 2005

Two albums that have lately attracted my attention. Back to Bedlam from James Blunt and Pocket Revolution from dEUS.

James is a new song-writer who was a soldier in his ‘previous’ life. With this debut he follows many English song-alike male singer songwriters as Damien Rice and Daniel Powter, but still he creates a unique sound. A good album, but hopefully it won’t stop here with this debut and will he continue to explore to what else he is capable of.

After a kind of sabbatical of four years (in where they did their tour of their previous album “The Ideal Crash”) and six years since they brought out “The ideal crash”, the Belgian band dEUS comes with their fourth album. Nothing really new, but luckily it still sounds like dEUS. On the net you can read many reviews already (three days after the release), even though almost everyone is praising this new album, I still prefer their previous (The Ideal Crash) one. Hopefully the next album will not take another six years and will bring us something new and fresh.

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