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Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Kiruna, Lapland Sweden.

Kiruna, Lapland Sweden.

Do you recognize those loooong days (while it rains cats and dogs outside), sitting in front of the computer and thinking a lot about the future, but also about the past. Basically the good things. Well, when sitting in front of the computer anyway, why not let the technology help me a little?! So last week I have been Googling on Google Earth (Brilliant!) for about two or three hours. Just trying to find the spots on this globe where I had been. And then, when I finally found them, just stare at it and….. feeling damn nostalgic.

Now you all probably think I am this kind of nostalgic, living in the old days, over sentimental guy?! Am I right?! Well, true, I am getting older, the past was pretty good to me, and final but not least…. I can get sentimental (But I NEVER cry ;).

Anyway, the images above were shot in Kiruna, right above the Arctic circle in Sweden (go figure how cold it must have been). The trip started of as a joke: “Hey guys, what about riding a dog sledge and some motor scooters?!“, but turned out to be a great, great trip. A trip where one can be nostalgic about, without any shame!

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