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Friday, October 20th, 2006

Once again I have proven to be more lazy than ever. For years I have this little plan on creating this website with TV/Radio, reviews etc. etc. It all made sense and it would be an investment of time, as I could do all the programming myself. And, I did not wanted to be one of those persons waiting with some great idea, until someone else finally epxloited this idea and become rich with it. No, I would do it myself and start early so I would be the first one the market. Yeah.. Well this was back in the year 2000 or something. And even now… I did not launched the idea I wanted, but just something small. Have a look @ tuneNow and let me know or there is room for improvements…

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Friday, October 20th, 2006

Model: Yeesia

Of course, after one year of owning and trying the digital camera, it became time to rent a little studio and invite some of my friends. Some even more enthusiastic than I even was – we all started to work in our own field of profession. Indah and me reading about lighting, and poses. And Yeesia about make-up and styling. It were two great days, with a steep learning curve, as unfortunately a lot went wrong. But hey, that’s life! :)

For a little impression of this day, have a look @ the Dutchgrapes scrapbook.

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