I love SPAM :)

It got crazy lately… So instead of fighting against it, I decided to join the forces!

Dear Sir / Madame,

Thank you so much for your mail. You have no idea how much it means to me you are actively sending those messages to me.

You see, I am a psychopath and lately it has become quite difficult to exercise my job, as the society of today do no understand the need of torturing people slowly but surely to their deaths. But after receiving numerous emails from you, I finally understand I have found my equally self in you. In a way we are not so much different at all. You like to torture people as well and eventually bore them to death with your highly sophisticated emails. Although I have to say your way of killing people lacks a bit of creativity and in my opinion you are to rigorous. But I guess we all have our own way of practicing what we do best.

So, my point – I was kind of hoping that you are man enough to provide me with your address and name, so we could exchange our experiences in the near future on this subject with a glass of whiskey and some cigars. Although I have to warn you that I am kind of jealous on your effective way of boring people to death, and as I can’t stand competition, I might end our conversation in my own rigorous way. But as said before, we psychopaths are all alike, so I do hope you can forgive me this.

With kind regards

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