Cartoons don’t kill people, people do

Two weeks ago since I called for a new prophet already and no responds so far. Guess prophets do not use internet (or don’t need internet). Or, perhaps everything is being said already by Jesus and Mohammed and now it is up to us to fight our way to the truth?

I would say, stop the violence and stupidity and let the cartoons fight instead of people.

Job Opening: Prophet

No fancy cartoons on my website of either Jesus or Mohammed. In my opinion you don’t have to act like a sheep in order to stand for freedom of expression – or freedom in religion. (And besides, I don’t even like the cartoons).

In order to avoid future conflicts as we are experiencing today, I would say it becomes time for a new Prophet! So here it is: a job opening! Besides the message(s) you have to bring from above and the miracles you will perform, you (as a Prophet) also have to understand the time we are living in and should be able to bridge the gap we have nowadays in our world – with keeping in mind that cultural values and legacies should be preserved as much as possible. With this job comes great responsibility but of course also very good secondary conditions, as holidays and flexible working hours.

So, feeling greater than Jesus and Mohammed, please feel free to perform miracles and be A PROPHET for us all!

The money maker

The Dutch are gaining too much and too fast weight . Because of this, our government will spend 7.3 million euro for health and sport in the year 2006.

Amazing… That we are all getting lazier with the day and the commercial world is making it us easier (escalators where ever you go) while the government tries to make us move and spend millions of EUROs.

My theory: Make the elevators and escalators only available to disabled people, so other people have to move and take the stairs for example. In this way we all save money (government on advertising and subsidiaries, companies on elevators and escalators and last but not least, we will be spending less on sport contributions). And as topping on the icecream, you will even be more environmently friendly :)

Follow your instincts…

At the moment when I start writing this post, I realize it has been quite some time ago since I last updated the blog. Probably a good thing, because I might have had a lot of other things to do instead. But it could also mean I do not create time for things I like to do anymore…. Or perhaps I was totally left without inspiration and had nothing to write about and all I could do was to stare outside the window, as bored people do. Well… I will leave it up to your imagination why. But probably you could not care less what I did :)

All I actually wanted to say in this post: Have a great year and follow your instincts!

“Haiku” what?

Keeping my blog for nearly two months now, and after having taken quite many pictures and writing some stories, I accidentally found out about a new way of photography. You basically fix of what you see in a few lines and a few words. It is called Haiku and can be seen as photography in words.

    The Discovery
    While being a little wasted and stumbling at night on the streets, a fellow wasted person and me almost stood still for nearly two minutes at some brick in the street, encrypted with some none-sense making sentences. Of course we remained in denial of our stupid ness and decided this was the effect of the alcohol. We continued our crawl towards the car and it only took us a few seconds to completely forget about the whole brick.

    The Benefactors
    Some days after, when this very same person and me met each other again, she showed me a text message on her phone, that seemed to be a copy of the brick. At this point (completely sober) the sentences still didn’t make sense to us at all. And still being in denial, we decided we should rewrite the sentences at this brick and do all the drunk people, walking down the same street and reading the same brick, a favor.

    The Revelation
    Finally home and ready to write some of the best and smooth sentences ever. But before I even started writing, a little research about the other text learned us that we had to do here with some sort of Japanese poetry. So, no smooth version of our brick stories….

A Haiku poem consist of respectively 5, 7 and 5 syllables in three lines. The lines have to be independent of each other, but enrich the understanding of the other. Also every Haiku has to have a seasonal theme. For example, cherry blossoms indicate spring, snow indicate winter, and mosquitoes indicate summer, but the season word isn’t always that obvious (source: Haiku for People and the Haiku Notebook).


Coffee, “a great way to start the day with”, “it keeps you awake” or “it is a great conversation starter” are all reasons why to drink coffee. But this is not the only reason why people drink coffee. In the movie Coffee and Cigarettes Steven Wright likes to drink coffee before to go to bed, so he can dream at amazing speeds. Or take this comparison of why to prefer coffee above women. And if you are still not convinced, coffee is even good for your health! But most likely whenever people ask you to drink coffee with them, you should consider the first three options – either they think you look sleepy or they want to do business with you. The last option of course explains why Starbucks is such a success in the US, and why providing wireless internet in all the Starbucks stores was such a logical step to take.

Uhm.. Where was I going again with this story? Ah yes!

I forgot to take a coffee this morning! I found myself in the city, standing somewhere on a small wall together with Indah, taking pictures of the annual FFWD Dance Parade. And even though it had been a long night and an early morning, I remained glued on that very wall for nearly two hours without a drop of coffee! It felt bad not starting the day in the right way, and not socializing with the person I was with. Guess that all I want to say is – Indah, Next time we have to start with coffee!

More weddings to come…

Four wedding invitations for the next four months. One at lake Como (Italy), one in Prague (Czech Republic), one in Antwerp (Belgium) and this week a wedding in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Last weekend I went to Copenhagen to visit a friend from my study exchange period from about five years ago. He is actually from the Netherlands, but remains in Copenhagen as an expatriate for two years. While we (four of us) planned our trip to Copenhagen, more and more people from the exchange period decided to join us and so our little escape of the daily life became a little reunion in the North. We ended up with twelve persons with origins from – Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Italy, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands. A great weekend that left me with a temporarily hangover (even though the alcohol is outrageous expensive) and three wedding invitations (Anyone willing to sponsor me, so I can be present at all the weddings to come, can write me personally. All donations will be fully apreciated, handled with discretion and always be remembered).

I can’t show you a lot of pictures of Copenhagen though, due the bad weather and the short days we had…

The Messenger Bus line

Today I noticed that a youth friend of mine started his weblog and website some weeks ago. It is really nice to see through a weblog what is on a friend’s mind and what keeps him or her busy nowadays. Not that I am too lazy or to ignorant to ask, but people just do write different things in their weblog than they talk about.

Same goes for the new generation friends I currently have collected on MSN, Y! and ICQ. In the early days it was kind of expected to chat to each other in a formal way and constantly. Now it serves as an informal channel to say hello from time to time, even though their names sit and wait in my tray everyday. It feels a little like people sitting in a bus that passes by everyday, but only very rarely a window is opened to actually start a conversation. And to be honest; I don’t blame them – I sit on the same bus, everyday!

New life

Isn’t it incredible? Those tiny fingers, hands not much bigger than my thumbs, and a skin as soft as a peach.

Two days ago a friend of mine and his wife got their first child. It all went so fast – only two years ago they met each other, not even one year ago they got married, and now they have their first child. And of all couples I know, they are still the most ‘in love’ ones.

Seemingly it is important to bring something new from time to time to your relationship and keep it exciting in this way. Every new step you take is something new to explore, and this time don’t do it alone, but you do it together. And this will most probably make the bonding stronger. It is good to see how they handle the relationship and still manage everything surrounding them, while you often read in newspapers that researches about relationships of higher educated people learn us that having children is something that does not fit anymore in this new life pattern and society.

So, what kind of relationship does fit in our society of today? A relationship where both people are very ambitious and work on their career, while trying to manage their relationship if there is time left for it. Everything is done very coordinated and planned – dating for a period, having a relationship for years while living apart (since we don’t want to rush things of course) and finally moving in with each other. By the time you live together it all of a sudden seems you don’t share the same thoughts anymore or maybe even never did. Have you been living besides each other for years, or is it just you are not made for one another? What to do now? Keep trying with a chance you may fail sooner or later, or both accept your losses and see what else the world has to offer? It is not an easy question to answer, and I think many people tend not to answer the question at all, and ignore the second option.

I am neither a fan of researches nor a fan of statistic numbers, and especially if it comes to living your life. Also I am not a pessimist, but the divorce rate does say something. So, guess my friends are actually doing a great job by ignoring the research and do it the traditional way. And for the others – make your decision if you want to live according the expectations of our society nowadays.

And for my friends and the little one – their story has not come to an end by their first child as they have just bought a new house with five bed rooms…